Sysmex X-T 1800 from sysmex- Japan fully
automated Hematology Counter for CBC-D
by Fluorescence Flow Cytometry technology &
hydrodynamic focusing...

Mission and Vision

Overview AlKarim Medical Laboratory is committed
to accuracy and efficiency in providing test
results for its patients. Our specialties include
Microbiology, Hematology,...

Molecular Genetics

The DNA micro array is an array plat form based on
proven biochip technology, ready to use for PCR
components fully automated standardized evaluation
and interpretation of...


Minicap from Sebia- France fully- automated
Caplillary HPLC technique for Hemoglobin
electrophorese, HbA1C, proteine electrophoresis
& Immunotyping HbA1C Hemoglobine...


Effecient allergy profile diagnostics using the
Euroline system: fast test performance and fully
automated evaluation for food, respiratory and
atopy specific allergy panel...

Modern medicine would have been impossible without laboratory testing. To detect gravity or absence of a disease is the work of a group of specialist in various fields.

The laboratory is an important member of this team. A large part of a patient’s medical record consists of laboratory results. These results are of vital importance to diagnosis and treatment of the disease or infection offer the test results indicate a disease in the early stages when it is still possible to treat at a relatively low cost.

We do routine lab tests in addition to all special and advanced tests especially hormones, immunology, electrophoresis, vitamins, Drugs, mollecular biology and cytogentic.

Alkarim Laboratory... More Than results

Insurance Coverage

KML accepts the insurance from the following:   BANKERS Tel: Fax: +961 1 962 700+961 1 984 004   Address: Website: P.O.Box 11-4293 Beirut, Lebanon www.bankers-assurance.com   GlobeMed Tel: Fax: +961 1 518300+961 1 518152   Address: Website: PO Box 55-664, Beirut, Lebanon www.globemedlebanon.com   MedGulf Tel: Fax: +961 1 985000+961 1 985032   Address: Website: Beirut Central Distric, Lebanonwww.medgulf.com.lb   MetLife Tel: Fax: +961 1 753111+961 1 737628   Address: Website: Verdun,...

About Us

Founded in 2007, sample tests were collected from various regions in South Lebanon. In 2010, and as a step in incorporating with the latest developments in laboratory services, AlKarim Medical Laboratory for advanced medical analysis was launched with top of the notch equipment to provide the community with the best and efficient laboratory services. KML is now known as a Leading Clinical Reference laboratory in the region.