Effecient allergy profile diagnostics using the Euroline system: fast test performance and fully automated evaluation for food, respiratory and atopy specific allergy panel

  • efficient allergy diagnostics for the determination of up to 36 parameters in one incubation

  • allergy profiles for various constellations:

  1. Inhalation

  2. Food cross reactions

  3. Atopy

  4. Paediatrics

  5. Insect venoms.


 Immunofluorescence Technique from Euroimmum - Germany for Auto – Immunes  tests:

  Immunofluorescence (IF) is a common laboratory technique, which is based on the use of specific antibodies which have been chemically conjugated to fluorescent dyes. These labeled antibodies bind directly or indirectly to cellular antigens.

Tests done by this technique are:

  • ANA
  • Anti - DNA
  • Anti- endomysium (G+A)
  • Anti- GAD
  • Anti - LKM
  • Anti - Islet cells
  • ANA Profile 
  • Anti - SSA 
  • Anti - SSB